Crazy Bull Bubblegum: 12-Piece Box
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Crazy Bull Bubblegum: 12-Piece Box 
  • Crazy Bull Bubblegum: 12-Piece Box
  • Crazy Bull Bubblegum: 12-Piece Box

Crazy Bull Bubblegum Cans: 12-Piece Box

Two-wheeled passenger cars pulled by human runners are the preferred mode of transportation in the streets of Thailand, where the humidity is high and the heat is intense. Energy to press on in this tropical climate depletes easily for these rickshaw drivers, so when energy drinks were introduced to the country in the 1970s, every passenger-puller (and many a party-goer) burned through bottles and cans of the stimulant-laden beverage Krating Daeng like a HUMMER eats up gasoline. The all-popular worldwide brand of energy drinks, Red Bull, cooks their concoction using the recipe of rickshaw-driver-fueling Krating Daeng as inspiration. In turn, Crazy Bull Bubblegum dreamed up their chewy treat out of pure love for Red Bull. It comes in a cute cylinder with a pop top just like a real can of Red Bull, and has a get-your-attention flashy wrapper. Inside this reclosable can you'll find nuggets of grape-flavored bubblegum goodness shaped like rocky gravel in varied sizes of neon red bites. Pop the top, tip it over, and pour some straight into your mouth for a sweet experience that might just have you bouncing off the walls!

Can Height: 4 Inches

Unit Price: $1.65/can.

Box contains 12 cans of Crazy Bull Bubblegum.

Shipping Weight ~ 3 lbs.

Price: $19.80
Item # 131413



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