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Giant Candy

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Colossal candy creations large enough to satisfy any sweet tooth!
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Sweet Little Nothings

I think it was William Shakespeare who said "Giant candy doth rule". Or maybe it was Alf… or maybe it was the candy elf I just ran into in the hallway. Either way, the guy knows what he’s talking about. For some taste buds, a little is never enough. You crave more- more flavor, more candy, and more fun. And let’s face it, giant candies are a true status symbol. As you walk down the street proudly carrying your Gigantic Psychedelic Rainbow Swirl Pop, people stop to take notice. You feel the envious stares; the whispers of admiration; the flashing cameras of the paparazzi. But- of course- you take it in stride. Shrugging behind your oversized diamond-rimmed sunglasses, you pull out a Barbie Giant PEZ Dispenser, pop a candy, and let the good times roll.