Chocolate Candy Coated Dates: 1LB Bag
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Chocolate Candy Coated Dates: 1LB Bag 
  • Chocolate Candy Coated Dates: 1LB Bag
  • Chocolate Candy Coated Dates: 1LB Bag
  • Chocolate Candy Coated Dates: 1LB Bag

Chocolate Candy Coated Dates: 1LB Bag

Thousands of years ago, the date palm was an important source of food, shelter, and shade in the Judean Desert. It was prized for its beauty and used in folk remedies, and although many species of date palms have survived throughout the centuries, the original Judean date palm was thought to have become extinct around 150 CE. However, excavations of Herod the Great’s palace in the 1960s revealed a cache of Judean date seeds preserved in an ancient jar. In 2005, scientists finally made an attempt to plant these seeds, in the hopes of reviving this long-extinct species of palm. After 8 weeks, one of the seeds finally sprouted, and by 2010 it had grown to a full 2 meters in height, becoming the oldest known tree seed ever successfully germinated!

While the dates in this candy were not picked from the newly revived Judean palm (as there’s currently only the one specimen of this 2,000 year old tree in existence), you can still celebrate the classic taste of an ancient staple with a handful of delicious DateMe sweets! They’re smothered in milk chocolate and glazed with a candy coating for extra crunch -- so why hesitate? Go ahead and make a date with these yummy, bite-sized date treats today!

Bag contains 1 pound of DateMe Chocolate Candy Coated Dates.

Made in the USA.

Shipping Weight ~ 1.5 lb. Kosher Certified.

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Made in USA The Organized Kashruth Laboratories Dairy Gluten Free

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