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Bulk Candy - Wrapped

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Bulk Candy - Wrapped from, America's favorite online Bulk Candy Super Store! With hundreds of varieties of hard candy, mints, chewy candy, chocolates, Tootsie Rolls, Smarties, Jolly Ranchers and more, this is the place to come for bulk wrapped candy. Some of the favorites are hard candy, candy sticks, taffy, and more. This bulk wrapped candy section includes candies from name brands such as M&M's, Skittles, Nerds and more generic candies like candy sticks, mints, chews and other hard candies.
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Sweet Little Nothings

Rick and Nick had been best friends since kindergarten. Now they were both married with kids, and lived next to each other. And, of course, they were somewhat competitive with each other. So when Nick started buying in bulk, so did Rick. Rick was playing baseball with his son outside one day when Nick pulled up with boxes from one of those discount bulk food chains. He carried an enormous tub of cream-colored liquid inside his house.

"Seven pounds of mayonnaise for 10 bucks! Can you believe it?" He called over to Rick. Rick narrowed his eyes and got into his car, leaving his son puzzled with his baseball glove on.

A few hours later Nick heard the doorbell and answered it to find Rick standing there with what appeared to be several tubs of red sauce.

"High quality catsup. Nine gallons for under twenty bucks. Not bad, huh?"

Nick shrugged nonchalantly. Then he spotted the plastic shopping bag in Rick’s hand.

"What’s that?"

"Oh, the kids asked me to stop at the drugstore and get some candy on the way home." Nick smiled wide.

"Candy huh? I’ll show you candy!" He ripped open a huge box beside him labeled Candy Warehouse and showed Rick what was inside: bulk candy. Five pounds of Tootsie Rolls; another five pounds of Smarties. Rick tried to act like he didn’t care, but his voice was shaky as he said he had to go. He ran into his house and onto the computer, logging on to

Later that night, the kids from both houses got together and gave each other high-fives. Their plan had worked.