Mini Chiclets Gum: 22000-Piece Case
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Mini Chiclets Gum: 22000-Piece Case 
  • Mini Chiclets Gum: 22000-Piece Case
  • Mini Chicle Tabs Chewing Gum: 22000-Piece Case
  • Mini Chiclets Gum: 22000-Piece Case

Dubble Bubble Tiny Chiclets Chewing Gum Tabs: 22000-Piece Case

Here’s a little riddle for you: What’s temptingly sweet and comes in shades of pink, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, and white? Here, we’ll narrow it down -– they’re tiny, square and have a satisfyingly chewy crunch featuring vibrant fruit flavors! You may remember receiving this candy from vending machines back in the day. Still stumped? Then it’s about time you reacquaint yourself with Chiclets!

Chiclets gum was invented in the late 19th century, but its true history begins a lot earlier than that. Ancient Mesoamerican Indian tribes would chew the sap from the sapodilla tree as a mouth freshener, and they used to know this substance as tziktli -- literally, "sticky stuff." Spanish settlers translated that pronunciation as "chicle," and today, this is still a common term for gum in Spanish, while "chiclet" is the Brazilian and Portuguese name. Miniature sized Chiclets, invented in the 1960s, are nostalgic little squares of fruity fun! They’re exciting for any age, so spread the love and the fun with this giant case of the petite favorite! (Just try not to eat all 22000 pieces at once!)

Case contains about 22,000 pieces of Dubble Bubble Tiny Chicle Tabs Chewing Gum.

Made in Canada.

Shipping Weight ~ 31 lbs.

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