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Candy Shelf Life


Helpful Information about the Shelf Life of Candy:

Different types of candy have different shelf lives. To ensure that we provide our customers with the highest quality and freshest candy, we constantly monitor and rotate all of our products. The best rule of thumb is to order as close as possible to when your desired candy is needed.
All candy will have a shelf life of at least 1-2 months (so long as you store the candy unopened in a cool, but not refrigerated, dry place). If you are hosting an event like a wedding, birthday party, conference, we suggest ordering your candy approximately 1 month prior to the event. We process orders as we receive them and may not always have every product in stock (we order smaller quantities from our manufacturers specifically so our inventory stays fresh and new). Therefore, giving both yourself and us time to special order items we may be out of stock on or help find replacement items is important.

General Guidelines:

For various types of candy, below are some general guidelines (and this assumes the products are unopened and properly stored). BUT, if you can, we suggest you purchase your candy for use within approximately 2 months to ensure the best and freshest candy-eating experience!
ALTOID MINTS: 24 months.
BUBBLE GUM (Bubble Yum, Bubblicious): 2 months.
CANDY BARS: Up to one (1) month, however, certain candies such as Necco Wafers, Smarties, Starburst Fruit Chews or Nerds can last much longer due to their consistency.
CANDY CORN: 2 months.
CARAMEL: 12 months.
CHOCOLATE (DARK): 2 months.
CONCESSION CANDY: Same as Candy Bars above.
GUM (Dentyne, Orbit, Wrigley’s, Freedent): 2 months.
GUMBALLS: 2 months.
GUMMY CANDY: 12 months.
HARD CANDY like jawbreakers, lemon drops and other solid sugar candies: 12 months.
JELLY BEANS: 6 months.
LOLLIPOPS: 12 months.
M&M's CHOCOLATE CANDIES (and other candy-coated chocolates like dutch mints): 6 months.
NOVELTY CANDY: 12 months. Most novelties candies are encased in a plastic outer shell.
TWIZZLERS: 12 months.
UNWRAPPED BULK CANDY: 3 months, however, certain items such as Candy Roll Wafers, Runts, Rock Candy Strings and Candy Blocks will last longer due to their consistency.

And Remember, as a General Rule of Thumb:

No candy likes to be hot! High temperatures disfigure, melt (especially chocolate, even if they are coated), discolor, and cause candy to stick to wrappers, especially lollipops. Any candy with nuts will have a shorter life span and should be consumed within 1 month of ordering. Softer candies such as Caramel Creams or Brach's Royals have a shorter shelf life due to their consistency. Do NOT refrigerate or freeze chocolates, as this causes the cocoa butter in the chocolate to rise to the surface and creates a white-ish, discoloring effect. Yet, in this case, the chocolate is still perfectly safe to eat, it just doesn't look appetizing. Hopefully this information answers all of your candy shelf life questions, but if not, please just email us or give us a call to speak with a jolly candy elf.
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