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Pink Candy

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Shop an amazing assortment of yummy candy treats with a flair for pink! Match your party or event color scheme with pink candy. Browse among all sorts of pink candy delights, wrapped or unwrapped, large or small, hard or chewy, sweet or sour, bright or pastel.

When decorating with pink candy, try mixing in white, green, or brown candy to create elegant color combinations for all kinds of special occasions. Pink Candy Buffet
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Sweet Little Nothings

Nothing says "Congratulations" to an expecting– a- girl mom than a room full of ladies having a good time and eating pink candy. This is the stuff that baby shower dreams are made of. So if you’re planning a friend’s baby shower, why not pull out all the stops and make it an event to remember? A pink candy party looks oh so pretty and tastes even better. Hey, if you play your cards right, this shindig might just win you the title of godmother.

Either way, you’ll reap the rewards with delicious pink candy sweets. I’m talking pink milk chocolate hearts, pink M&Ms, and super delicious pink Jelly Belly jelly beans in both bubble gum and cotton candy flavors. We’ve even got your favorite- soft pink buttermints. Put the candy in fun, see through vases or jars for a truly appealing- and appetizing- look.

What’s that? You took all the pink M&M's home and ate them before the shower? Kiss the godmother position goodbye!

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