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Orange Candy

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Color coordinate your party or event with orange candy! A scrumptious assortment of candy delights in color shades of orange and peach. Your favorite citrus flavor is available in all kinds of yummy candies, wrapped or unwrapped, navel or mandarin slice size. Candy tastes and looks great in orange. Orange Candy Buffet

When decorating with orange candy, two nice colors to combine it with are yellow candy and brown candy for an autumn feel.
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Orange Candy

Sweet Little Nothings

Rebecca wanted her Bat Mitzvah to be a success. She had just moved to a new town, and was eager to make new friends. The celebration was almost two weeks away and she had already sent out invitations to everyone in her grade. Still, she wasn’t sure how to stand out. But the night before the party, she got an idea.

On the big day, after temple, Rebecca pulled up to the reception hall and was excited to see almost everyone from school arrive. As she walked in to her party, she gasped.

The entire hall was decorated with gorgeous bright orange candy. Ornate candy trees made of tangerine swirl lollipops stood along the dance floor. A delightful candy salad of orange fruit jell slices, orange licorice twists, and orange gummy bears was tastefully arranged in globe-shaped glass vases placed in the middle of the tables. Her classmates were impressed as well.

Rebecca ran up to her mother.

"Did you do this, Mom?" Her mom nodded and smiled.

"I know orange is your favorite color, and I wanted you to make a real splash at your new school and meet some friends." Rebecca hugged her and whispered a thank you. Then she took her hat off. Now it was her mother’s time to gasp.

Rebecca gulped. Yup, the orange candy idea was a much better one than her original plan- dying all of her hair bright orange. Sometimes Mom really does know best.

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