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Black Candy

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Shop an amazing assortment of candy in shades of black. Match your party color scheme with black candy! Perfect for formal occasions. Show your sweet sophistication with color coordinated black candy at your next event. Make it a black tie candy affair.
Black Candy Buffet

When decorating with black candy, try pairing it with silver candy or white candy for an elegant color effect.
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Black Candy

Sweet Little Nothings

Looking to add a unique touch to your graduation party?

Liven things up with a black candy extravaganza. The sweets will match your robe and hat. Think elegant black tie Jordan Almonds, succulent black licorice cats, and downright exciting Black & White Psychedelic Swirl lollipops. Show the world how much you’ve matured with worldly black milk chocolate lentils.

Your guests will line up to enjoy these dark treats, impressed with your party planning skills. They’ll call their friends and before you know it, you’ll have the most successful graduation party out of all of your peers.

What does a black candy graduation party say about you?

You’re all business, but you know how to have fun. Innovative and organized, you’re serious about academia and about partying. A real go-getter. Your guests will say to themselves,

"This guy is going places."

Of course, then they’ll see you snorting bubbles into your chocolate milk and sigh,

"Oh, well. At least he knows how to throw a great party."

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