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Tips and Tricks...

  • 1) Have fun with your buffet by matching the color scheme of your event with candies.
  • 2) Use our buffet builder to view only those colors or occasions that correspond with your event.  The tools on the left side of the page will allow you to expand or narrow the items on the page to only those that match your needs.
  • 3) If you know which items you want just by the name or image, click on the "Quick Add" link to immediately add this item to your buffet.
  • 4) If you'd like a little more information about a candy prior to adding it to your buffet, click on the "Quick Link" button to learn more.  You can then add that item to your buffet by clicking the "Add to Buffet" button.
  • 5) Your buffet will be built for you at the top of the page as you shop.  Here you can review or delete your selections, edit quantites and add the entire buffet to your shopping basket by clicking on the "Add to Basket" button
  • 6) Check out our all-new Candy Buffet Tips & Tricks section for even for advice from our Candy Experts!
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