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Brown Candy

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Delightful candy treats in shades of amber, beige, cream, tan, ivory, and brown!
Brown Candy Buffet

Decorating with brown candy is perfect for combining with other candy colors like gold, orange, and yellow for fall seasonal events.
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Brown Candy

Sweet Little Nothings

Cassie and Louisa had been friends for over 15 years. In fact, they were hanging out even in the womb, as their mothers had always been best friends.

Still, when Cassie asked Louisa if she wanted to throw their 16th birthday party together, she hesitated. It made sense: their birthdays were only a day apart, and they had most of the same friends.

But then, of course, Louisa thought about the party they shared for their 9th birthday party.

It was a disaster, an utter and complete disaster. As Louisa sat in her Little Mermaid shorts and tee, patiently awaiting presents and trying to talk to a few friends, Cassie ran around in a pink frilly dress, yelling, "It’s my birthday! Mine! All mine!"

Louisa didn’t stay mad at her for too long. Cassie was simply a spoiled only child; she couldn’t help it. Even as Cassie threw all of here presents on the ground and attacked the cake face-first, Louisa remained patient. It wasn’t until Cassie began ripping banners and popping balloons that Louisa even let out a frown.

But that was a billion years ago, right? Louisa glanced at Cassie. Surely her best friend, now seeming quite mature and level-headed, would never act that way now.

"Ok. Let’s do it. We’ll throw the best sweet sixteen party this town has ever seen!" Louisa announced. Cassie shrieked and hugged her friend excitedly.

The next day, Cassie came over to Louisa’s with a huge box of decorations. Streamers, balloons, even an oversized disco ball- all in her favorite color: hot pink.

"Isn’t it all just so…fabulous? I’ve been shopping all morning." Louisa gulped.

"Yeah…it’s nice. It’s all very, um, pink."

"Well, pink’s my favorite color", Cassie answered matter-of-factly, pulling out an enormous blow-up flamingo.

"Well, it’s not mine." Louisa’s voice was barely a whisper. She looked away from Cassie guiltily. " I mean, I like pink and everything. It’s just not my favorite." Louisa could see that Cassie was trying to stay calm.

"Ok…well what is your favorite color?"

"I don’t know. I guess I like darker colors, not as, you know…loud." Cassie looked puzzled as she began to blow up the smiling electric pink flamingo.


"Yeah. You know, I like neutrals. I guess my favorite would have to be brown."

"Brown? Hmmmm. I like brown. OK. We could mix it up, you know- brown and pink." Louisa was so relieved she nearly hugged her.

"That would be awesome!" Cassie held up the flamingo and stared around at the pretty-in-pink decorations.

"Could we still keep some of this stuff, though. You’ve got to admit, this is some seriously glamorous eye candy."

Eye candy. The words stuck in Louisa’s mind.

"I’ve got a really good idea." Louisa announced with a sly smile.

As guests arrived they walked through a hallway lined with brown striped candy sticks and hot pink paper banners. Inside the party room, brown root beer rock candy stood in rose pink flower plant holders like candy trees. Pink and brown balloons hung in every doorway; brown-wrapped dark chocolate hearts danced from the ceiling, and (Louisa’s favorite) a pooping grizzly bear jelly bean dispenser stood proudly in each of the two bathrooms. And the huge pink flamingo? He was right in the center of it all, wearing a dark tan cowboy hat.

The girls were ecstatic.

Cassie (wearing a super-frilly pink gown) was so happy with the way everything tuned out, she hardly noticed that Lousia’s name was first on the banner. Or that Louisa hadn’t put out the other blow-up flamingo. Or even that Louisa got 1.5 more presents than her.

Cassie turned to one of her friends from school, Mary Lou.

"What do you think?"

Mary Lou held up a handful of brown jelly beans and gave a thumbs up.

"Deliciously chic!"

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