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Sherwood Candy

Sherwood Brands was founded in 1985 when company president Uziel Frydman saw an opportunity in the retail marketplace for gourmet-quality confections at regular mass market prices. Sherwood first succeeded in creating a value-added niche at regular everyday count good prices with its line of Elana chocolate bars. Elana bars, made with premium thick Belgian chocolate and a flavorful filling, soon became the "right priced" staple in the retail market, avoiding the "me-too" attributes of other count good chocolates.

Through Sherwood Brands' strategy of product development and corporate acquisition, the company expanded its presence and product offering to include butter toffees, hard candies, jelly beans, lollipops, biscuits and wafers. Sherwood also maintained solid success by developing and branding several leading seasonal lines, with products for Valentine's Day, Christmas and Hanukah, Halloween, and Easter.

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