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Candy in a rainbow of primary and pastel color assortments! Bright yellows, oranges, reds, purples, pinks, greens, and blues mingle in sweet harmony. Brighten-up your next event with colorful Rainbow Candy Buffet!
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Sweet Little Nothings

To start, I want to tell you one thing: the elves at the Candy Warehouse know how to party.

Every year we host the Candy Gala Extraordinaire, a huge candy event that is attended by anyone who’s anyone in the candy industry. I’m talking Mr. Goodbar, The Lemonheads, Baby Ruth. You get the idea.

We hold the shindig at the Candy Warehouse mansion. Think the Wonka mansion, but cooler and a little more "avante-garde". And without the oompah loompahs. Not to brag or anything, but Mr. Wonka was here last year and was obviously a little jealous.

Anyhoo, while planning the event we always run into the same problems. It’s hard to make everyone happy in an industry with so many egos. Last year we sat the Nerds next to the Swedish Fish entourage, and we almost had complete mutiny on our hands. And there’s always the problem of colors. Every year, we pick a color theme. Last year we did green because it was so "in". The year before we did black and white to honor the extraordinary career of Miss Tootsie Roll.

This year we did something different. We decided to go with a rainbow theme of assorted colors. At first we were nervous to do something so different, but it looked spectacular. We really took it to the next level this year. We made tables out of multi colored Starburst candies, and beautiful centerpieces with dark chocolate M&Ms. The whole party was colorful and vivid. Everyone was thrilled.

Of course, the clear gummy bears called the next day with some, ahem, "feedback". Apparently they felt a little left out. But what can you do? I’m a candy elf, not a mind reader, you know?

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