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Meet the Elves

Luz likes to observe and study people. She will sometimes test her coworkers by leaving her Chapstick around the office and then watching to see if anyone will actually sneak a swipe of their lips with it! What does it all mean? How could anyone use someone elses lip balm?! Read More
Luis sometimes likes to surprise his fellow elves in the warehouse.... he'll suddenly pop out from behind a candy pallet and bonk them on the head with a giant Tootsie Pop pillow. Naughty elf! Read More
Mario is a soccer master who can easily dribble the ball around the Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo.... even though Ronaldo is past his prime and balding, this is still quite impressive. Read More
Mimi can sprinkle a mysterious pixi dust and magically make the office copy machine work again. Read More
Virginia often dreams of floating in the clouds with millions of enormous fluffy M&M's candies! Read More
Frank is always cautious not to strain his back and therefore he lifts even single bags of candy with a forklift.... SAFETY FIRST here at CandyWarehouse! Read More
One time during an attempted mugging, Carolina apprehended the villain and wrapped his entire body in white packaging tape until the authorities arrived for the arrest. The police report read "Suspect: The Mummy". Read More